Servicios y comodidades de la propiedad

Beautiful Landscaping
At ArborGate, we always make sure that our property is looking perfect. The landscaping can be enjoyed by all residents by hanging out on the outdoor balconies, playing outdoor games, going for a walk and more!
Grilling/Picnic Area
Nuestra pintoresca área de picnic es perfecta para un almuerzo al aire libre o un Bar-BQ familiar. Este servicio de verano al aire libre permite que adultos y niños socialicen y cultiven un verdadero sentido de comunidad dentro de nuestro complejo.
Easy Access to Retail
ArborGate is located very close to retail stores, which makes shopping more convenient for everyone!
Business Center
Our Business center is available for your various work-related needs throughout the day. We have complimentary Fax machines and Copy machine facilities as well as our well equipped computer center where you can settle down and accomplish important tasks.
Whether you need a place to sit down for a moment and gather yourself after a long day or want to enjoy our clubhouse and resident lounge on a lazy Sunday afternoon, were delighted to provide this relaxing space for our tenants.
Car Vacuum and Water Hose
Enjoy a complimentary car wash station featured with storage bins with sponges, car chamois, tire cleaner, and Armor All for all you car washing needs!
Copy & Fax Services
At ArborGate, we have complimentary Fax machines and Copy machine facilities as well as our well equipped computer center where you can settle down and accomplish important tasks.
Laundry Facility
We offer a full service laundry facility to our residents in order to allow effective and easily accessible machines for our entire complex. Freshly washed clothes from our own premises are available to you and your family 24/7!
On-Site Maintenance
We have various supervisors and technicians available and just minutes away! They are prepared to take care of any repairs, fixes or maintenance related tasks you may encounter. Our team is on-site and ready to cover their responsibilities and your needs.
Mascota amigable
¡Cómo podríamos decirle no a tu amante compañero! Ya sea que tenga un perro, un gato o un pájaro, todas nuestras instalaciones de apartamentos admiten mascotas.
Reserved Parking
After a long day at work, there’s nothing more convenient than knowing you won’t have to endlessly circle the streets for parking. At ArborGate – we offer on-site parking areas, allowing for hassle free travel 100% of the time.
Guest Parking
When you want to spend time with your family and friends, we want to make things simple for you. By doing this, we have a designated parking lot just for guests!

In-Unit Features

All-Electric, Fully Equipped Kitchen
At ArborGate, our kitchens are run by electric and are fully equipped with the appliances that you need!
We offer great apartments with both Balcony and Patio options. Whether you love spending time outdoors or crave natural light for your living space, we have great options for everyone. Anyone & Everyone can find their dream residence at our complex.
Ceiling Fans
At ArborGate, we have ceiling fans in our apartments to keep the room at a temperature that is comfortable for all of our residents!
Air Conditioning
These apartments have air conditioning, so there is no need to worry on those hot summer days.
ArborGate apartments are equipped with dishwashers to help clean up in an easier way.
Extra Storage
There is plenty of storage at the ArborGate apartments, so there is no need to worry about being able to fit all of your belongings into your apartment!
Faux Hardwood Flooring
Many of our units have luxury hardwood-style floors throughout the residence. These wood-style flooring options offer a classy and exotic atmosphere for your home.
Su fregadero nunca tendrá obstrucciones con nuestros trituradores de basura incorporados. Esta es una amenidad subestimada pero que puede salvar vidas que puede aprovechar.
ArborGate apartments have pantries in their kitchens for the perfect amount of space for food storage!
Quality 2-Inch Blinds
There are amazing quality blinds in the ArborGate apartments to assure privacy. This also helps keep the cold/heat out during the winter/summer!
Walk-In Closets
Some of our apartments offer spacious closet areas for all of your clothes and personal belongings. No need to bend down or strain yourself as you have an entire walk-in closet to accommodate your garments and attire.
Wall-to-Wall Carpet
Many of our units have beautiful wall-to-wall carpet style floors throughout the residence. These carpet options offer a classy and exotic atmosphere for your home.
Washer & Dryer Connections
Many of our apartments have Washer/Dryer accessibility in order to allow our tenants the highest standard of living possible.

Servicios tecnológicos

Pagos de alquiler en línea y solicitudes de mantenimiento
Para su seguridad y facilidad, tenemos un servicio especial en línea para todos los pagos de alquiler para que pueda encargarse de estas tareas desde la comodidad de su propia computadora. Nuestros residentes pueden pagar el alquiler y enviar todas las solicitudes de mantenimiento o reparación con solo unos pocos clics.
¡Ofrecemos una aplicación móvil especial disponible en iOS y Android, que permite a nuestros residentes pagar el alquiler y administrar sus cuentas desde la comodidad de su palma!
Tarjeta de crédito amigable
In order to offer convenience and ease to our residents, we are completely credit card friendly! Use your credit card for any payments including rent while living at Ravenwood.

Health Activities & Sports

Onsite Fitness Center
Take care of all your physical exercise and cardio at our state of the art Fitness center. Work out whenever you want with our State of the Art fitness equipment, developed to offer our residents the opportunity to stay fit and healthy without having to travel far from home.
Sparkling Swimming Pool
Our serene pool allow for refreshment and recreation throughout the week. Our clean and sparkling pool allows for children and adults alike to pamper themselves, by utilizing this outstanding amenity. Enjoy a dip at your leisure!